Koko's Valentine

Henry made this sweet Valentine for Katherine at school and asked to hang it on the front of her crib where she could look at it every morning and night and know that she is loved. And since we put it up last week she has gone over every day to touch it and hasn't tried to tear it off even once. What a wonderful pair of kiddos we have.

Stories from the Hammock

Super Bowl Halftime Show

With help from Henry and his friend Guy.



The Big Chair

In moving to a smaller office, our big blue chair made its way into our living room. And the kiddos couldn't be happier. It's lower to the ground, pretty comfy, and big enough for both of them. There have been lots of sweet moments in the last few days thanks to this funny chair. Here's one.

Big Girl

Our little KoKo is growing up so fast! Here she is chilling out in the big chair after daycare listening to her jams.