Piggy Back Ride

Henry decided to give his bear a piggy back ride, courtesy of Harper.

Utah Family Photos

When we were out in Utah last month, my aunt took some shots of our family at the train station, a place that is important in my family's history. They turned out pretty cute, huh?


Fixing Stuff

Although I didn't get a great shot of Henry's screwdriver, rest assured he was helping with the job. Oh, and I should mention that the job consisted of retrieving some magnets helpfully hidden in the top of the dishwasher by Henry. What a funny little helper!


Best! Meeting! Ever!

Henry at the neighborhood council's general membership meeting. He had the pleasure of seeing both his parents speak tonight and he told both of us we did a good job. What higher praise could we ask for?


The Big Boy Bed

...er, I mean cot.

Tool Time

A shot of Henry taking the lead on our crib conversion project. He's a natural with the tools!

Big Boy Bed

Or "big boy cot", as Henry calls it. We converted Henry's crib to a toddler bed yesterday and Henry was all too excited to help out. He's been sleeping on a cot at school for a while, so we were interested to see how it would go at home. So far he hasn't gotten out once he's been put in (knock on wood!). And it's been great to see how proud he is of his new bed.

"Sand Mountain"


Waiting for a Flight

Happy Boy

Henry had a glass of apple juice on the plane. Hilarity ensued. Henry thought everything was hilarious and let the whole plane know.

Land of 10,000 Lakes

Great weather for flying today. Great views of a few of the lakes just before we landed at the airport.