Our Berry Patch

We've got raspberries, blueberries and strawberries growing. Sounds delicious, right?



We're so thankful for all the love and support from you all these last couple of days.


Honey Crisp

The newest addition to our backyard. Here's hoping it produces an abundance of delicious apples. And special thanks to Eric for his hard work in taking out an old stump to make room for this blossoming tree - and for his planting it also. What a guy!



This is one crazy neighborhood cat (perched atop our roof). We're not sure if he belongs to someone or not, but he apparently loves our house. Once he tried to sneak in when we were going inside and it took both of us and a shovel to keep him out. I felt bad for him until he made it clear to Harper that he intended to take him out and take his place. Eric had to come to poor Harper's rescue. Crazy, crazy cat.


Fresh Lilacs

It does wonders for my mood. I love this time of year, don't you?


The Expectant Couple

We're one day away from the 33 week mark, meaning there's only 7 weeks left until the scheduled arrival of Baby Wolf. Do we look ready?


Dave Eggars

I had the pleasure of seeing the author Dave Eggars speak about education tonight. He has got to be one of the most amazing people I've ever met.


Hold On To Your Butts

(That's a vintage Jurassic Park reference for those who think I'm dumb. Or maybe that just confirms it.)


Herb Garden

Planting season's finally here! Went to a local plant sale today and I'm pretty sure that's what Heaven's like. All the money went to support a local school. Now that's what I call a win-win.