Give a Boy Some Raisins...

...and he'll be your friend for life!

Henry & Anders

We had so much fun visiting Clay, Amy, Anders and Ezra in Bentonville, Arkansas this weekend. Henry and Anders were really looking forward to seeing each other and had a great time playing, sight seeing and adventuring. It's been fun watching these two grow up, and I love to see them play together. It was a great trip!

Cousin Love

A Day at Crystal Bridges Museum


Kansas City Waffle House

On or way to Arkansas to see Clayton's family we stopped for some delicious grub.


Mr. Roger's Day

Milk Carton Greenhouses

We finally got started on our garden with this easy seed starting project. Fingers crossed that they sprout!

Painting Birdhouses


Sweet as a Cherry

Home From School

Henry's school is closed this week, so we've been having Henry-Katherine-Mama Days. He LOVES spending time with his sister and is so sweet and careful and loving with her. It is amazing to see her pull him out of a bad mood with just a silly look. He is so eager for her to be more mobile so she can join in his games like "Driller Detector", "Don't Let the Balloon Touch the Ground", and "Pirate Explorers", just to name a few.

He Got His Snowman!!!

Henry has been talking about building a snowman all winter, but due to a serious lack of snow he hasn't been able to build one. We got a decent snowfall Sunday night, so Eric got up early with Henry and built a snowman before work. Pretty awesome, right?