Henry's Bed

3, 2, 1, Blastoff!

This is our spaceship and we're preparing for takeoff. Henry was counting down as I took this photo. I almost didn't make it back on board before it took off!

First Day of His New School

Henry was positively glowing when I picked him up from his first day at his new school. Here he is with rosy cheeks from playing outside in the snow. He humored me for a picture, then rushed to give me a hug. What a great kid.

The Midwife

We brought Katherine to my post partum checkup so our midwife Heather could see how big and beautiful she is now. I'd say Heather agreed.

Big Brother Henry

Baby Shower

After the pancake breakfast, Katherine and I went to our good friend Sara's baby shower.

When Eric and Henry picked us up, Henry asked, "How was the baby rain?"

Pancake Breakfast

The whole family went to a community pancake breakfast this morning to support a local organization that is concerned with sustainability. While there, we ran into our Minnesota State Senator, Patricia Torres Ray, who was thrilled to finally meet our daughter in person. As for Henry, he was thrilled to be able to have pancakes topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips.


Funny Faces and Sweet Kisses

Just another typical day at the Day house...

Last Day at La Casita Azul

Henry had his last day at La Casita Azul School with Teacher Anselma yesterday. He had pizza with his friends and brought Moose Tracks Ice Cream to share (his request). On the way home, he made another very specific request for a special treat to celebrate the occasion. A zebra cake and koolaid juice. All in all, a pretty great day for our little dude.