Henry helped me make 5 jars of pickles. He was such a good helper!


Garden Leeks

We used some of the leeks from our garden tonight to make some potato leek soup. It was delicious.


Games in the Meadow

Rock Star

Rice Krispie Bars

The peanut butter addition was Henry's idea. I swear this kid's a genius.

Happy Boy

Danish aebleskivers

Celebrating Scandinavian Day at the Mid-Town farmers market. Nona (1/2 Danish), Eric (1/4 Danish) and Henry (1/8 Danish) all enjoyed the aebleskivers almost as much as Patty, who, despite a lack of Danish ancestry, grew up eating them. We will have to find our pan and make some at home! Mmm...


Lake Hiawatha Picnic

Savoring the perfect late summer evening with a picnic at the lake.


New Monkey Jams!

Eric the Moderator

Eric had the opportunity to moderate a panel discussion this evening on some proposed (parts controversial) reconstruction of one of our neighborhood's main streets. He did an awesome job keeping all the crazies in check and keeping the conversation interesting. Way to go Eric!


Did I Mention He Got a Haircut?

Best client ever. I couldn't believe how well he sat there for the whole thing - even getting a small nick on the neck! It helps that they promise suckers and ply cartoons I suppose. I think he looks quite handsome, yes?