See ya 2012!

Happy New Year! Here's to a 2013 full of wonderful surprises and adventures!




Henry kept running through the aquarium tunnels saying, "Wow wow wow wow wow."


Shark Bait

At the Minnesota SeaLife Aquarium for an evening adventure with Mom while Dad painted. They make those platforms for dancing, right?


Knows His ABC's...Sort Of

...and sorry for cutting off the end of the song. My iPhone quit recording because I ran out of space...again. This kid's just too darn cute - I can't help myself!


Office Holiday Party

Yesterday was my work's annual potluck and Eric and Henry came out for the fun. We had a visit from one of our members who is a pretty professional Santa and Henry wasn't too sure about the whole thing. But he was a sweetheart to everyone and it was so nice to have him around. This was probably my favorite day of work ever.



Here is Henry with some of the other kiddos...

And this is after we escaped all the party craziness and retreated to my office. Aren't office chairs fun?!

*Quick Note: Poor dude had some swollen eyes that morning, so we gave him some Benadryl a few hours before the party. What a trooper!


An Artist's Ornament

The Longfellow Community Council's Holiday Open House featured a local artist who drew renderings on paper ornaments for their tree. This is ours.


Some Catching Up

I was backing up some photos on my computer and realized that I had a bunch of great photos from our camera-camera (vs our phone-camera) that needed sharing. Enjoy!