Bigger Bed

Henry has officially outgrown his old toddler bed and tonight is his first night sleeping in his new big loft bed. There's been a lot of work to get to this point: spackling, sanding, painting, building furniture, picking out new lights and textiles. We're not finished with all of the projects for his room yet, but we're all still excited to get to this point. Especially because it means Katherine will upgrade to a full size crib in her own room!


Getting His First Library Card

Henry talked to our local librarian and she insisted that he get his very own library card. He was able to sign his name on the card himself! And then he used it to check out a few books. He even made sure to grab a couple for Katherine. (Also, Katherine thinks library cards are tasty.) Such an exciting day for our little guy!


Six Month Checkup

Serious business folks. She was tired and hungry, but she did awesome. She is still a tall girl and growing beautifully. Three shots, but she handled them so well (unlike mama). So lucky to have her in our family!


Happy Mother's Day

I had a lovely day with my awesome kiddos and spent the day feeling very lucky to be the Mom of two such independent, funny, and smart little beings.
They gave me a nice window box planter and I can't wait to fill it with herbs.
Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing Moms I know. I hope you all know how amazing I think you are!


Worker Girl

Katherine is such a good worker. Every time I open up my laptop, she starts pounding on the keyboard like she's typing up documents. Just like mama!

Sunshine on a Rainy Day

High Five School Registration

We got to visit Henry's new school today for registration. He'll start the High Five program (a pre-k) starting the end of August. He made a friend during registration and is excited to start.
Where has the time gone???