Days in Town

So fun to celebrate Thanksgiving with Julie (Nona), Evan and Sarah this year.


Maternity "Leave"

After 2.5 days off to have a baby, Patty is back to work.

Bright Eyed

Katherine is already so alert and aware of her surroundings, which is amazing for a one week old! She seems happy just to take it all in.

Sibling Snuggles

I am so impressed at how sweet and loving Henry is with his baby sister. He is always asking to hold her and commenting on how cute she is. Sometimes he'll just sit and giggle at her. I already can't imagine life without them both.

Family Story Time

Katherine & Her Grandparents

Sweet Smiles

These two are pretty fond of each other already!


Holiday Art Projects

Granny and Henry started making some holiday art projects tonight. Finished product coming soon...


Welcome to the World Katherine

Born at 2:45am, weighing in at 7lbs 0 oz and measuring 20" long. She's beautiful and we can't believe she's ours.


Dizzy Dizzy Dinosaurs

A little post dinner game with Henry making the most of our last days as a family of 3.
And turns out, Henry is one good player! He smoked us on this one!

I (we) Voted!