A Mountain of Ham

Hard to believe all the ham that's left after 8 of us gorged ourselves on it. Mmmmmm




While stocking up on some groceries yesterday in West Palm Beach we came across Blue Bell ice cream. My growing belly refused to let me leave without throwing some in the cart. Mmmmmm...


Riviera Beach

I gotta say, we're pretty happy with the view from our hotel. It's warm and lovely and green here. It feels like a cleanser after our long Minnesota winter. It should be a good week!


Now There's a Sign

The sign is a relief actually, because my neighbors were starting to ask questions about the nature of our tree "shrine".


Behind Bars

Harper pondering life on a crisp spring walk by the Mississippi River.


Less than 100 Days to Go

The last hundred days of pregnancy means there's a lot left to do and not a ton of time in which to accomplish it. To borrow one of my favorite quotes from Almost Famous: "It's all happening!"