Two Lovely Apples

Our total apple crop this year - but don't they look amazing?!

We planted another Honeycrisp Apple Tree this year in honor of Baby Butterfly's pending arrival and it produced these two beautiful apples. Henry was a bit sad that his tree didn't produce anything this yer, but we've been told that the trees need some time to settle in. Can't wait for the days when our healthy and happy two kiddos can grab a fresh apple from their trees in our backyard!


How Many Peppers Did He Pick?

Henry helped pick some lovely red peppers at our community garden this evening.
He also thought it would be funny to pick him belly button.


Budding Artist

Note on picture 1: This is a picture of a beach house, surrounded by a racetrack, with a Henry-shaped door in the upper corner, Henry & Dad fighting the waves in the middle (the red) and Mom building a sand castle on the bottom.

Note on picture 2: This is our family portrait. We all have very tall hair. And Dad has a top mustache and a bottom mustache.

Note on Henry's artwork: I love seeing what he comes up with so much. I hope he never stops being so creative and expressive.



Thumbs up from Eric for finally getting his much delayed birthday cake.
And thumbs up from Henry for getting to help blow out the candles.

Processing Tomatoes

Henry assisted Eric today in turning our tomato surplus into delicious tomato sauce.


Family Dinner


We got the chance to attend the soft opening of a new restaurant tonight in our neighborhood. Le Town Talk is run by a young couple, and the wife hails from Marsaille, France - hence, the sign in the background.
We don't get the chance to go out to a nice dinner often, and Henry did great! What a fun night!


30 Weeks

Can't believe I only have 10 left to go until Baby Butterfly is due! Where did the time go?!?

Also, our garden is wild and amazing, right?


Donut Shop

The kids told us that the menu on the table read, "No Adults Allowed". So Eric and I had to find another place to chow down on our apple fritters and maple bacon donuts.

And a note: Many more NC photos to come! We've been having so much fun we've neglected posting, but rest assured you'll be bombarded soon!


Topsail Island, NC

We're in North Carolina for a week visiting some great friends and are spending the first half at Topsail Island at their family's beach house. It is so gorgeous here!