Having fun with Nona at the Minnesota Children's Museum in St. Paul. So. Much. Fun!


What Henry Does...

...at a Community Meeting. Later he also found the community rec room, filled with toys. A pretty good night for everyone. 

Community Crime Meeting

...moderated by our very own Eric!


Winter Seed Sowing

Well, it's still winter in Minnesota, but that doesn't stop us from being anxious to get our garden going. We attended a workshop today that demonstrated how to start our seeds outside already, with the help of milk and juice jugs. Looking forward to seeing if it works!

Henry's Pizza Place

Henry was working in his "shop" making pizzas for Eric and I. Eric's had corn and eggs on it. Can't wait to try the food once he owns his own restaurant.


Washing Potatoes

Henry helped me make some delicious potato leek soup tonight. What would I do without him?


Treats from the Bank

Henry's daycare closed early today, so I brought him with me to the bank. The teller gave him a sucker and our business banker gave him a soccer ball. A pretty good haul I'd say!


A Drink at the Riverview

Henry and I went and saw Walking with Dinosaurs at the Riverview Theater yesterday. And Henry did a great job of growling back at the dinosaurs throughout it.