Band Mates

The boys jammin.

Swinging Boys

Boys at the Park

Henry had his friend Johnny Solo over for an all-day playdate and, boy, do these kiddos have a lot of energy! It's been so fun to see them interact more and more. There may have even been a hug.



Fancy Baby

Eric asked if Fancy Baby Magazine was coming over tonight to do a piece on Henry's dinner. He's got fresh cherry tomatoes, cantelope, and french bread from the farmer's market and some spinach/artichoke/yogurt dip, paired, of course, with organic whole milk. What a fancy baby.


Pugs Are Funny

On a walk around the neighborhood the other day, Henry and I came upon our neighbor's black pug. The dog (Ringo) was beyond excited to see us and Henry found this little creature to be quite hilarious. Henry has become obsessed with dogs (and cats) (and fish) lately, so he was thrilled to get to see one up close and personal. (It's not like he lives with a big brown dog or anything.) The whole family intruded on these same neighbors yesterday for another dose of pugs and giggles. Turns out they have not one but two little black pugs! And the other one is only 12 weeks old. No video of that encounter, but trust me, it was good for the soul.


Busy Boy

This kiddo is always on the move these days - hence the bluriness of his foot. Thanks Granny & Grampy for the cute shorts!