Meeting a Star

Notice how Henry is holding the Starr's hand. He insisted.

Here's another look, taken by the MIA Staff:

Rock the Cradle

We took Henry to a cool event today put on by a local radio station, called Rock the Cradle. He heard books read, went to a dance party, played with instruments, heard a concert, saw art, got a tattoo, got his picture with a star, and even won a sucker!




Henry's adjusting to the new daycare a little more every day. He's especially fond of the daycare cat.


First Day

First day of Henry's new daycare went mostly smooth. We think. ;)


Last Day at Rose & Henry's

Henry's excited to graduate from his baby daycare and move on to a new place. Much thanks to Rose and Henry for taking such good care of him over the last year and a half!


Watching Pete's Dragon

Specifically, the part that involves a cat. This kid really loves cats.


Healthy Dinner

Someone isn't too thrilled about it. ;)

3rd Place!

I'm in 3rd place (out of 20) in a Biggest Loser challenge with some friends. One week down - 9 more to go. Wish me luck!


Harper Tricks

Henry put Harper to the test before giving him his treat. He's getting really good at this.


A Sweet Treat

What a wonderful surprise in the mail this week - a package from Katch! Thanks sister for the fun treats! You're amazing. <3