15 Month Check Up

Our growing little guy is healthy and happy and right on track. And he charmed the entire office during his visit. Love this kid.


So excited to see picts of our new sweet nephew Anders, born three weeks ago. I couldn't help but look back to pictures of Henry from last year. Notice a resemblance?


Fall Is Here

The leaves look too pretty to rake, don't you think? Right? Right?!?!?



In a post-dinner euphoria, Henry decided to have a bit of a chat with himself, as he was watching himself on the camera. I could hear this kiddo talk all day long.


Our Little Beefcake

Race to the Top!

Henry climbed to the top of the playground equipment yesterday for the first time! He was very pleased with himself, and I as was rather pleased myself. My baby is turning into a curious, adventurous, hilarious little boy!


Loving on Harper

Henry & his pal Matthew had a lovefest with Harper this morning. Melt my heart why don't you?!


Look At You...

When the camera is turned so he can see himself, even Henry can't help but smile at the cuteness.


Fall Fun!

A few photos from our walk around the neighborhood yesterday.