The Largest and the Smallest

The cherry tomato is smaller than a quarter, the Brandywine larger than a softball.


We Voted

In the Minnesota Primary Election

Bald Eagle (by Eric)

I spotted this Bald Eagle drying in the sun near the Mississippi River after some heavy rain showers this morning.


Midsummer Night's Fun (by Eric)

Despite the 90+ degree temperature and humidity, we decided to grill out and have a fire. Mmmmm...summer.

The Tomatoes Are Taking Off

Stupice, Peacevine Cherry, Tangella and Flamme are pictured above. Still many more varieties to go...


Clawfoot Tub

As of this afternoon I am the proud owner of this old clawfoot tub, which I bought at the local recycle store for a steal.


National Night Out

We celebrated National Night Out tonight with a group of our neighbors, including these gentlemen. The annual event really is a great way to connect with the people you live by and we're lucky to have such an enthusiastic bunch.


First of the Season

These Stupice tomatoes are the first to ripen in our backyard. They've already been made into a Caprese salad. There are still nine more types of tomatoes to come and we can't wait!

Home Sweet Home, by Eric