Day At The Beach

...or hour rather. Henry loved the lounging. The frigid Minnesota lake? Not so much.


Hi Mom!

Notice the adorable curl behind his right ear. More to come I hope!!!


My Sweetheart

Bright side of the day: I got to spend it with my boys.
Other side: Sweet Henry has been running a temperature since Saturday and doesn't feel particularly well. Here's hoping he improves tomorrow.



Henry playing with his new toy, a bus that fits all his Little People, that I got at a yard sale today for $1. Money well spent.


First Swing

Henry got to try out his new swing for the first time the other day. I think he liked it.


Food Fight

Well, not really a food fight per say. However, a lot of food ended up places other than his mouth last night. And Harper couldn't have been happier.


Welcome Home

Is there anything more wonderful than coming home after a day of work to this?!