Kids Who Cook

This is the kiddos making dinner a few nights ago. They used a recipe Henry choose from his new kid's cookbook: Gold Nugget Chowder. They did a great job working together and we all thought it tasted great. I think a family restaurant might be in our future.

Banana Pudding

This girl loves bananas and especially enjoyed the banana pudding we had for dessert last night. She was also thrilled with using a spoon. A real adult spoon!

Good Morning!

This girl wakes up almost every morning happy and smiling. It's such a gift to the rest of us in the house that struggle with the early hours! 💜


The Great Mac n' Cheese Cook Off

The contenders: Mama and Noodles and Co
The dish: Macaroni and cheese with broccoli
The Judge: Henry
The date: Henry's half birthday
The outcome: a tie? The winner was supposed to win a trophy filled with chocolate, but Henry couldn't determine which was better. I guess we can share. 🏆

Also, his smile in the pictures may have been for the dish I made, but it may also have been for his cutie sister in the background honking her Dad's nose. Who can say?!