Adorable Halloween

Henry brought home this picture from school yesterday, where they had a Halloween party. At first glance I was concerned that his feet where two different sizes and I had failed to notice. Then Henry told me he had enlisted the help of his friend Walter, a younger child with a smaller foot, to represent Baby Butterfly.
I am sometimes blown away by this thoughtful, creative, amazing boy that is my son.


Superheroes & Soccer

Last night, we continued our annual tradition of dressing up in costumes and attending a Minnesota United Soccer Game right before Halloween. We were pretty much the only ones in costume there, but I think that makes us even more amazing, right?!
This year's Halloween costume: Batman, Robin and Pregnant Catwoman.
So. Much. Fun.



One of our local grocery stores (Rainbow) recently got bought by the chain across the street and is now being shuttered. It's still technically open for another couple of weeks, but they've stopped restocking things. The result is an eerily empty grocery store.

Henry and I went in today in search of a treat. Sadly, we found nothing that appealed to us, but it was worth it to hear Henry run down the aisles saying, "This is amazing!" and "This is crazy!" Couldn't have said it better myself.


Nap Time Snuggles

Kickin' It

Fresh Faced

Sick Days

Poor Henry has been sick the last few days with a fever and cough. It's so hard to see him not feeling well, but he has handled it all with great spirits and patience. And I do love spending the extra time with him - some of the last with him as an only child.

Here he is with his puppy and some pumpkin tea, watching a show on TV - a perfect set up in his opinion. Here's hoping he feels better tomorrow!



Zoo Day in October - 1

Worker Guy

We inherited a great new play set for Henry recently. As a result, the old unused dog run and clothing line had to come down. Henry insisted on helping, of course.


Ghost Siblings

Henry was so excited to show my belly (aka his sister) the picture he made her at school today. The big ghost is him and the little ghost is her.

We hung it on his wall so he can show her when she's born.

Love. This. Kid.


Making Hot Chocolate

A Bear!

Silly Henry jumped in front of my phone as I was taking a picture of the filing cabinet behind him to put up for sale (or give away). So glad he did!
Also, it's amazing to me that he kept up his sweet and silly personality, despite having a pretty major fever today. He's such a good kid!

Fall Harvest


The Quealy's Came to Town!

Although we missed sweet Norah and Miles, who stayed behind this time, it was so fun to see Dave and Audrey (as well as local Amanda!) last night. We got to try a new place, George and the Dragon, and I personally got to enjoy some Dragon's Milk Braised Ribs. A great night with great friends.