My Little Helper

Our little helper seems to be on the mend thank goodness. And he's very good at sweeping. And looking cute.



Still recovering at the Day house - here's a flash back to healthier times...


Funny Faces

This is what happened when I turned my phone's camera around and he could see himself. :)

Our poor little guy has been sick since yesterday (and Mom too!). Here's hoping for a speedy recovery!


Morning Howl

Sometimes the family likes to have a good howl first thing in the morning. Sets the proper tone for the day...


New Shoes!

...to replace the holy ones. Thanks Granny & Grampy! Also, he is super stoked about the ducks he's watching. :)


Happy Grandparents Day!

Henry is so lucky to have such amazing grandparents - we love you Granny, Grampy, Nona and Grandpa! Henry also has two great grandma's and is paying tribute to "Grandma Great" here with his awesome onesie (thanks Peggy!). Grandparents rule!

P.S. In case you're wondering, he was in the middle of a cottage cheese-fest when I snapped this photo. This kid basically lives on the stuff.



At the Lake

After a family picnic at Lake Hiawatha, Henry decided to explore. We even got to feed some ducks! (Henry's favorite animal - besides dogs of course.)


Stone Soup

...except with shells from some curious tree in the neighborhood.