Singing in the Rain

...or splashing at least!

Happy Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day with my guys. I'm so lucky to be the mom of such a clever, sweet, thoughtful, and funny little guy. Every day is filled with so much love because he is in our home.
Here we are enjoying an authentic Danish breakfast yesterday at the Danish American Center down the street. It was delish!
Hope all the amazing Moms in my life enjoyed their day just as much. So grateful for you all! Happy Mother's Day!


Kudos Eric!

Eric had one of the main articles in this month's The Hennepin Lawyer magazine. A great article on ethics and solo firms. We're very proud.



Sand Mountain

Henry's favorite part of visiting our plot at the community garden is going to dig at nearby "Sand Mountain". Harper always manages to have fun as well.

Hillbilly Willie

"Get outta the way, here comes Willie, bound to be a banjo pickin' hillbilly..."
- The Okee Dokee Brothers


At the Movies

Henry and went to see the latest Muppets movie tonight and gorged ourselves on popcorn. Henry kept asking me which was the good frog and which was the bad frog. I'm sure everyone appreciated the clarifications I gave.


Chicago Trip

We took a quick trip to Chicago for a friend's wedding shower. We had a great Day family time swimming, seeing the big city, spending time with great friends, eating the most amazing donuts on the planet and seeing Chicago's giant metal jelly bean. Henry even got to stay in his very first bunk bed in his own fort at the hotel!

Little Community Leader

Henry, sporting our new Longfellow shirts (designed by yours truly), taking a break after rallying the crowd. And all the matching was my accident. Promise.

LCC Board President

Eric did a great job giving the state of Longfellow address at our semi-annual community meeting. He's a community leader! And a great one!

Chicago! (We look good)

Daddy & Son

Truck Stop in Wisconsin

We stopped for a much needed break from the road and the rain and grabbed some dinner at Denny's in our way back from Chicago.

Backyard Chillin'

Not Sure What's Going On Here