Almost Balanced

She's getting so big, as you can see here. And they sure are lucky to have a Dad who is able (and willing) to carry them around everywhere!

Someone Just Climbed Some Stairs

Pre-Birthday Cake

Since Nona was in town and Katherine's first birthday is just a few short weeks away, we decided to make cake and sing to our girl! Henry helped me bake the cake, then he and Nona frosted it. He insisted on adding a pattern design and used candy corns and chocolate chips to make a quite exceptional cake. Katherine loved it! And we did too!


Slam Dunk

Parent Teacher Org (PTO) Meeting

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Bath Time Babes

Bath time is some of the most fun time at our house. Now that the baby tub is gone these two really have a great time splashing around and giggling. I sure love these little dudes.

Banana Bread and Sweet Cheeks

The shirt is mine from childhood! Thanks Granny for saving it so she could look so adorable! 💜

Driver Guy