Two Hands!

Henry is starting to grab things with purpose and to play. Such simple things, yet so exciting for us as parents.


Henry & Matthew

Henry and Matthew having a playdate. These two bruisers are only 3 days apart and oh so alike.


Birthday Bash

Henry went to his first birthday party today for his friend sweet Norah, who just turned 1.


Ladies Man Extraordinaire

Swaddled Baby

After an accident in his adorable fall outfit, Mr. Henry sported his Dad's undershirt for our fall hike. He can pull it off though, don't you think?


Last Weekend for Corn

We stocked up on squash, corn, carrots, peppers and leeks at the Minneapolis Farmer's Market this weekend and savored the last of the slow-roasted sweet corn. And man was it good!


Go Utes!

Loves to Learn

Henry had so much fun with Mary's first grade class that he didn't want to leave. Mary Rose didn't want him to leave either!