Grandma Great

Henry's number 44 out of 46. Numbers 47 and 48 aren't far behind. :)

Great-Grandma Welch

Henry was her 29th Great-Grandchild. Her 30th was born a few days ago. What a legacy!


Cry Loud, Rock Hard

Henry has discovered his tongue! Eric often comes home to find Henry and I sticking our tongues out at each other and giggling. What a great kid we have!



Henry's Girlfriend

Henry is talking to his girlfriend (still in utero here) trying to coax her out. It worked and she's in the process of being delivered as I write this! We couldn't be happier for the Kampens!


Mom & Baby Yoga

Henry and I went to our first yoga class today. Doesn't he look relaxed?


Just the Thing

On a night where we're desperately covering plants on the likely chance of a much-too-early frost, homemade bread and sausage potato & kale soup make the soul rest a little easier. The belly too!

Bedtime Story


Baby Class

Today was Henry and my last Mom & Baby class. So glad that group decided to keep meeting - these are some really cute babies! Henry weighed in at 13 lbs 1oz - maybe the biggest in the group. Not too bad, eh?


Slingin' Around

After Henry quickly outgrew the 2 slings I bought to carry him in, I decided to make my own. Not too bad, eh?