Puppy Straps

A new addition to Henry's car seat to make the ride more comfortable.

Back to the Farmer's Market

Picked up some delicious Wisconsin hand rolled butter and fresh cheese curds and some strawberries that melted in our mouths.



Cruising Through the Park

Swedish Day with Dad

Checking out the Swedish Festival at Minnehaha Park.

Snack Time with Sonora

Just having a little snack with Sonora while her parents were over taking a shower and washing her diapers - their power has been out since Friday and isn't expected to come on until Wednesday. The storm aftermath is pretty unbelievable and we're doing what we can to help out.


Tub Time

Siri Says

While getting ready this morning Henry was able to activate Siri on my phone and ask something. Imagine our surprise when this message popped up.



I told Henry that the cheesecloth would help the caterpillar breathe in air, just like him and he immediately put his face up to it and started breathing on it, presumably to give the caterpillar some air. He's loving his new "pet"!

First Salad of the Summer

Our lettuce is doing well with all this rain, so we were able to make a great salad for dinner from our garden. Here's hoping the rest of the produce tastes this good!


A Very Hungry Caterpillar

We found this little guy in our backyard and are excited to see if he'll spin a cocoon and turn into a beautiful butterfly. Did I mention Henry loves that book?



He spilled on his shirt at school, so they put him in his spare. Goes nicely with the shorts, don't you think?