Back from the Park

Granny's here for a few days to help watch Henry while school is closed. Today's adventure was a trip to the "big and little park", and they came back with of smiles and treasures. So fun to have Granny here in Minnesota!

Bedtime Stories with Granny


Family Portrait

The blue was done by Patty, with Henry's direction. The black was done by Henry. Baby Butterfly is hanging out in the sky, courtesy of a balloon. Love this.

My Sweet Face Boy

Gymnastics Party

Today Henry got to play at a gymnastic's studio for a couple of hours for his friend's 4th birthday party. When I told him it was time to leave, he replied, "I want to live here."


2014 Corn Feed

Henry ate all of his delicious grilled corn, then turned to me and said, "My corn disappeared!" He added, "If you don't want some of yours, I'll eat it." Smart kid.


Mn Zoo

First time using our new annual pass after more than a year since our last pass expired. Great time - Henry was definitely more into it. His favorite part was the splash-pad, but he also enjoyed the playground, all the running around and at least a couple animals. Mom and Dad's favorites were the baby lynx and seeing Henry have so much fun.

Farmer's Market Puppet Show

Not much plot but very creative!


Friendly Force

The local night patrol policemen stopped by our block party to meet the neighbors. Then they showed Henry their patrol car and let him push all the buttons. And I mean all the buttons. Kid heaven.

National Night Out


Glow Sticks

We took some glow sticks on our camping trip and they were so much fun once it got dark out. Here are Eric and Henry trying out their dance moves.

Great River Bluffs State Park

We decided to take a little break and get out in the woods for a night. And we're so glad we did! Henry is a great and enthusiastic camper and Harper did great as well. The camping area was on a high bluff overlooking the Mississippi with beautiful oak and pine forests and wild flowers. We all agreed - we should do this more often!


Slide On Down

Eric the Moderator

Eric was asked to moderate a community meeting at Minnehaha Park regarding parking concerns. It's been a busy week for Eric fulfilling his duties as a community leader and we couldn't be prouder.

On the News

Eric was on the news yesterday morning representing the local community council as the Board President. He did a great job!!!