Wild Haired Boy

Henry, my wild haired boy, watching coverage of President Obama's inauguration. A few hours later, Eric and I attempted to give him his first major haircut. Tears were shed, but no blood was. So, we're considering it a success. Pictures to follow...



Henry got to spend some time playing with gal pal Norah tonight. Non-stop fun with these two cuties, I assure you.


Candle Light

There's nothing that elevates dinner like candle light. Having a side of ketchup with your turkey burger and sweet potato fries? With a little candle light, the meal is transformed into a ketchup tasting, complete with a meat platter and a side of roasted vegetables. Dinner is served.


Light Fort

Henry and I decided to make a sweet light fort this morning.


18 Month Checkup

Henry grew almost three inches since his last checkup three months ago, and is up to almost 28 pounds.

Little William

We're so pleased to announce the arrival of Henry's cousin, William. He was born on his due date, January 13th, in Sydney, Australia, and weighed in at 6 lbs 10 oz and 20". Everyone is already at home recuperating. We hope we get to snuggle with his sweet face soon!


The Animals Just Can't Compete

Whether it's polar bears or jelly fish, animals just can't compete with girls.


It's hard to say which is more interesting...jellyfish or little girls.

Happy Happy

...we just told him he has a new cousin as of this morning - the first on his Dad's side. Welcome to the family William.



After a bit of poking and prodding at the doctor, someone's happy it's Friday. Also, he has the most adorable belly.


Cutest. Fans. Ever.

Henry with his buddies Matthew and Sonora.

Skol Vikings!

Cheering for the Vikings with some friends. A good time, even if they couldn't pull out a win. We'll get 'em next year!

Fun at the zoo.

Another great trip to the Minnesota Zoo!


Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls of Ice!

On a recent winter walk, we came across a house with these magnificent colored balls of ice in the front yard and it only took one second for Eric and I to decide that we needed to have some of these glorious orbs in our own front yard. Like now.
So we undertook our experiment immediately and after waiting a couple of days for the ice to harden, we were finally able to unveil our masterpieces. We now present them here for your enjoyment...

"We're going to go OUTSIDE!!!"

The boys excited to see how the ice turned out. 

Henry loves being outside. And we love his zebra hat. And his smile. 

Henry and Dad uncovering the first ice ball. Orange!

Henry arranged them himself. ;) Doesn't our house look festive? 

We tried several colors - blue, orange, purple, teal, green, red. I think the teal is my favorite.

"So, is it time to go inside now? Turns out, it's cold out here!"

"Psych! It's actually so much fun to be OUTSIDE!"

Our adventure comes to an end and our little frozen dude is still thawing out. 

This was such a fun experiment and one we'll likely make a tradition as long as we live in the frozen tundra. Hey, if you're going to live in a freezer, you might as well make ice balls, right?



Henry mastering the fine art of eating granola with a spoon.


Hoppin' John

Just putting the finishing touches on our annual New Year's Day feast - Hoppin' John and cornbread. Here's hoping all the black eyed peas bring us some luck in 2013! Happy New Year!