In case you're wondering, yes. He did manage to put the whole thing in his mouth before I could stop him. He ate the whole thing, pit and all. I wonder if he's got a cherry tree growing in his stomach.

Hiking the St. Croix

Good Morning Campers!

Best. Video. Ever

The highlight of our camping experience? Henry deciding he wanted to "walk" Harper by holding onto his leash. Since our little Henry is not one to giggle at just anything, this moment was pure joy for us and I was lucky enough to capture some of it with my phone. For your viewing enjoyment...


Our Friendly Neighborhood Tree

At a community get together tonight for river issues, Henry and I ran into this tree. There was a real live person inside and he danced a little at my suggestion. And it was 92 degrees. And did I mention there was free ice cream?! I love our neighborhood.

Cooking at the Campsite


Dinner with Matt

Doesn't Henry look thrilled? To be fair, this was past Henry's bedtime. And Matt seems to be making up for Henry in enthusiasm anyway. ;)



Henry has already conquered the art of playing the triangle. And I couldn't be prouder.



Our poor little guy had to be seen at Urgent Care last night for some wicked mosquito bites that swelled up his forehead. He also had bites on his back and legs. Benadryl is helping, but we're still working on getting the swelling down. He's such a trooper!


Henry & I started taking a music class last Saturday and when the teacher put out different musical instruments, Henry beelined it for the drums. That's my boy!



Henry got to sample some of the awesome pancakes we got at Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe in Chicago on our trip back home. De-lish!


Guess who learned how to use a straw?!