A Little Color

Blue Ice

Getting up close to the frozen Minnehaha Falls.

Year End Political Party

Henry accompanied us to our favorite local Indian restaurant for the year end party thrown by our Minnesota State Senator. He's a great little sidekick.

What's the Big Rush?

Three days after Christmas, Henry still has most of Mom and Dad's presents to open.



What I wasn't able to capture is the sprinkle dance that proceeded the picture. Next time.

40th Floor

Attended a family law/immigration training today and got to see how the big firms are set up. Nice view!

Herby the Elf

I've passed the torch, and the new owner of the Herby shirt really pulls it off, don't cha think?


Sick Kiddo

Poor Henry has a stomach bug this week. But a nice side effect has been lots of extra cuddling with mom. He's such a good patient!

What's that I spy?

A 12 days of Christmas package from Granny & Grampy!


Joining In

Henry went right up to these kids and asked to join in their cooking game. I always love watching him play with other kids, especially when he is so polite. And he seems not to realize the age difference or the culture difference - all he sees is playmates. What an awesome little guy he is.


Cookie Dinner

He asked. We obliged. Best. Parents. Ever.

Adios Subaru

Parted ways with my Subaru today. It was my first car out of college and it saw me through many jobs, apartments, vacations, family changes and snow storms. It was hard to hand over the keys, but at least I know the new owner appreciates her. He'll be taking her to New Mexico on his journey for sustainable living, which involves constructing an adobe hut. I think they'll be very happy together.