Out to Breakfast

At breakfast Henry decided to stack the creamer cups. He did it all by himself. Pretty impressive!

Our Garden

Featuring our new Crabapple Tree!


Blue Checked Shirts

They're all the rage now apparently.

Happy Birthday Johnny!

Dinner with Friends

Sometimes you end up wearing the same shirt.

Chasing Birds

Lift Your Spirits in Duluth - Take 2

Lift Your Spirits in Duluth - Take 1

Boardwalk Running

On our way back from dinner last night, we took the boardwalk along Lake Superior. Henry ran at full sprint at least half of the eight blocks back to the hotel. All while wearing flip flops (and his sweet new backpack). I think we've got a runner on our hands.

Riding the Zoo Train

Fun at the Lake Superior Zoo

Good times...until he got stuck in a mud pit. Don't worry, five minutes later he had recovered and was riding the Zoo train.

Camp Fires

Swimming at the Hotel Pool


Gardening Gloves

He got his own pair and they (almost) fit great. Glad he likes gardening so much!


More Pike Island Fun

Great hike last Friday night at Ft. Snelling State Park. Among other stuff we saw ducks, geese, wood-peckers, a bald eagle, deer, and a woodchuck.


Love Being His Mama

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Mom's in my life. It can be pretty great, right?


Kitchen Dance Party

And if you must know the tune we were rocking out to... Frére Jacques.