We got to take Henry on his first canoe ride on the Mississippi last night as part of a community river appreciation/education event.


Cross Country Views

We've been appreciating the gorgeous views on our return trip home from Utah - especially a sleeping toddler on occasion! Here's a sample...


Hike Boys

Orange & Green

Happy 9th anniversary to my amazing husband. This year has been filled with changes and I'm excited to see what comes of the next one.
And Mother Nature must have wanted to celebrate with us too, as there were gorgeous orange and green flowers all along our hiking trail today at The Canyons in Park City. Reminded me of our orange and green summer wedding in the mountains 9 years ago.

Alpine Lake

Cooking at The Canyons


Backseat to Front Seat

The boys decided to take over during a late night gas/bathroom stop.

Little America Ice Cream

The perfect thing on a hot day. Also the best thing about driving through Wyoming. ;)



Our sweetheart boy turns 2 today! Man that was fast! Seems like just last month he was our little baby. We couldn't imagine life without his humor, sweet hugs and kisses, and zest for life. Happy birthday Henry boy!

Henry Turns 2!


Cleaning Up

Whether it's vacuuming, dusting, sweeping up or using the dust pan, Henry's got it covered. All at the same time.