Happy Thanksgiving!

Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

Gru even showed up! So fun to watch the parade with Henry this year. We saw a lot of familiar faces: Dora, Sesame Street, the Minions and Spider-Man!

Turkey Day Fuel

Gotta fuel up for the big day with a high protein breakfast!



Tuning In

"I'm a big boy!"

Henry got to hang out at our office after school today for a little while and was thrilled at the chance to drink water out of an actual mug. A real mug! He took a sip and pronounced, rather proudly, "I'm a big boy!" He certainly is.



Banana Swirl

Henry got to be the "big chef" tonight to make a recipe from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. It was delicious!


Gru & his yellow minon

Trick or Treaters

Getting a shot of seven adorable toddlers in the dark proved to be too much for my phone's camera. But let the record show that they were all super super adorable: a minon, a raccoon, two pirates, a princess, a cop and a skeleton.