My Sick Little Dude

Henry's been battling a crummy cold the last few days and he's been quite the trooper. It means I've gotten to spend more time with him, which is wonderful, but I'm hoping he starts feeling better soon.


Mr. Clean

This little guy loves to clean lately. I bought him a broom and dustpan as a present and he was thrilled y'all! Let's hope this phase lasts awhile!


Being Flexible

Our boys are doing a great job of being flexible this week while we stay in a hotel while all of our windows are replaced at home.

Meeting the Very Hungry Catapillar

Henry got very excited to meet the star of one of his favorite stories!


Happy Valentine's Day!

Henry and I decided to make a bunch of heart-shaped sugar cookies in honor of Valentine's Day. We totally destroyed the kitchen in the process, but we had a lot of fun doing it. 
Here's Henry working with the final piece of dough. 

Note: The green bin is filled with flour, which he can't quite reach.
2nd Note: The song he is singing is 'Do-Re-Mi" from The Sound of Music. 
3rd Note: He did give the fish a scare at the end, but not to worry. The fish is just fine.
4th Note: Don't you all bake topless too?

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


Blue Tongue: The Video

After devouring a blueberry Dum Dum, Henry got to see the wonders of a colored tongue.


Snow! Boots! Buttons!

Henry wanted to try out his new snowsuit - and now that we finally have some snow we did! I love that something so simple can make him so happy.

Running the Zoo

Want to know what's it like to go to the zoo with Henry? Tired yet?