A Fallen Giant

On our walk today Harper and I came across a giant fallen tree. Seeing no way around it and not wanting to turn back we both went up and over. Victory!

My Baseball Boys


Twins Game

So the Twins lost. Bad. But Henry was amazing and we were able to stay for the whole game. He became the mascot of our section and one lady even suggested he marry her daughter someday.


The Rose Garden

We took a family outing to the Minneapolis Rose Garden last week and we couldn't have asked for a more spectacular day. We saw several gorgeous fountains, an Ethiopian wedding and plenty of beautiful flowers.


Farmer's Market

We took Henry to his first Farmer's Market today to patron our friend's fledgling Popsicle business (10,000 Licks). Eric tried a cantelope-ginger popsicle and I had the watermelon-mint.


My Sweetface Boy

Four weeks ago today we checked into the hospital and now little Henry's almost 10 pounds of cuteness. What a journey it's been so far!

Snuggled Up


Harper's Punishment

An outtake from our family photo session yesterday. We made Harper take a few on his own as penance for photo bombing the others. Doesn't he look pleased?