Out of Town Friends

So fun to see Audrey and sweet Miles today! We miss them (and the rest of their clan SO much!)


Waiting for Dad

He thought he'd just push his stool to the window and pull up the blinds so he could see Dad as soon as he came home. Harper thought this was a pretty great idea too.

Serious About His Play-doh


Play-Doh Time


Eric and I were honored to have reserved seats at today's Minneapolis City Council and Mayoral inauguration. It was thrilling to be a part of the process and we are excited to see what they'll do for our great city.


I came across our old steamer and juicer in the top cupboards and Henry begged me to get them out. He spent s long time making creations with them (unplugged of course!). He has such an active imagination and a love of cooking - both make me very happy.


Tired Out

Staying up until midnight to celebrate the new year and playing with his friends at brunch made for a tired little dude. I didn't mind one bit.

Dancing with Dad

Fun Little Guy

Henry is always making up games and asking us to play with him. Sometimes, however, he just entertains himself. I love his playful and creative spirit and i love when we get a chance to see how his little brain works.


We had a lovely New Year's Day brunch today, and I was so busy I didn't capture the fun gathering. However, I did manage to capture a pleasant side effect - a clean dining room table! Let's see how long we can keep this up!

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year!